An Important Video in English

All life is important…. no exceptions. Just like our life is important to us, so other beings life matters to them. Life affirming actions are needed to learn how to help in ways which solve problems and do not create further problems.

The very idea of “divide and conquer” is not helpful either. Blaming one part of the population, no matter who it is, is always a limited in perspective. It is important to identify all the various forces who indeed disturb the peace. The news, won’t tell the truth as they are owned by privately and these folks do have manipulative agendas. Hence, it takes time and patience to get the pattern. It is known that one recognize helpful people by good actions which do not add further to problems. Our actions and not words (words change every generation new to ever new Orwellian heights suppressing our expression in ways which are limited and abusive) matter. Words change their meaning with every graduation at the universities. No one can keep up with the pressure of political correctness and if we do not know the meaning of words, we better rely on service and good actions. The way we speak today tomorrow is not cool any longer. So be ready – we all face the limits of language eventually.

Having said this, “helping others does not mean becoming their doormat.” There is the right way to help others to help themselves and less righteous way which makes people dependent (just one example). Hopefully, all or most people will learn to help themselves in the more, seemingly (?) modern countries. If they have to exist on ever diminishing handouts without ever having the slightest chance to find work (unless they are willing to learn the language and learn a profession), much unhappiness may for some be the result. It could be that the volunteers become tired too after some time  – if they remain under-appreciated and become  even traumatized from the clash of civilizations and the cultural frustrations – which happened already to the good helpers.

May Germany become a shining light of how to cope with the very differences in culture, language, religion without exploiting and suppressing their own people by not dealing with their rightful questions and fears. I am sure they can do it. Many became masters in re-inventing themselves rather quietly underneath the worlds privately corporate owned negative press (for 15o years now, various Anglo-Saxon forces wanted to get rid actually of  all what was considered inventive “Germany” for the sake of the sickness of the day which remains: always GREED, and last not least they might succeed – and nobody would mind at all – so be it). May all people still find their rightful place  as human beings with much happiness on this earth and without war.

We must find other ways as humans to make a living than war caused chaos.


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