Flüchtlingstheater – Wenn Mitleid zur Falle wird und mehr……

Auf der Suche nach Menschen die sich eigene Gedanken machen, wobei deren Liebe zur Menschheit an sich und allgemein gesehen durchkommt.

Looking for people who think beyond the mass media, hoping that love for all of humanity comes through (which does not mean that one has to love everybody).  Mistakes and shortage of perceptions are allowed as every topic is multi-dimensional. Sharing what we see and feel is more important than repeating words of the media like a parrot or fall into politically correct, meaning reversing Orwellian  word traps. The following article is a good example. Throw the text into google-translator… so you can enjoy what has been said. Expect everything to be partially right and wrong at the same time. No one needs to be right… Life is an exploration a sharing of what we see/feel/hear/taste/realize. It’s all fine… Reason and heart matters in conjunction. Observe patterns – what else is there to do but serve one another?


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