Älteste Musik – Finding Oldest Music Lost Over Three Thousand Years – Ahhhh :-)

That I came to know among humans the greatest of wonders / That earth was not nor heaven above / no trees nor mountains were yet / nothing was expressed nor shone the sun / nor the moon or magnificent  sea.

There was no ending nor changing / There was an almighty ONE most gracious to all / and with him were so many beings (Potentialities/vibrations?)… / (….open ended ca, 790 AD).


„Das erfuhr ich unter den Menschen als der Wunder größtes,
Dass Erde nicht war, noch Himmel oben,
Nicht Baum noch Berg nicht war,
Noch […] irgend etwas, noch die Sonne nicht schien,
Noch der Mond nicht leuchtete, noch das herrliche Meer.

Als da nicht war an Enden und Wenden,
Da war der eine allmächtige Gott, der Wesen gnädigstes,
Und da waren mit ihm auch viele herrliche Geister.
Und Einer, der heilige […]


In the old times (before 12. century) when people had for hundreds of years an interest free monetary system people were in some ways more free and better off: they had 1/3rd of the year time off to play after the harvest and danced and sang through the nights. Today people seem again, once more, more exploited, see outsourcing jobs to China, for instance, which does not help humanity at all. We need to reverse the NWO slavery we are sleep-walking into, and create self-sufficient socio-economic units managed by the people themselves – in a coordinated cooperative manner. We need to be free from control over our lives by an elite which does not mean well.

The recent developments in Europe need to be seen very broadly. The plan to change and weaken the heart of Europe, the pathway of which economy crossed and created prosperity, is hundreds of years old. The heart of Europe may not be able to maintain this path of service and prosperity much longer and many hopes will be chattered. Let’s watch the changes and help humanity in order to reduce any more suffering for all people alike, beyond preferences. There seems to be a lack of rationality just before winter comes. All problems must be solved in unison keeping the safety of all in mind.

The cause of suffering is war and greed. This must be said. The conditions of suffering for all alike must be removed smoothly.


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