Longing – Sehnsucht -♡

The differences of humanities cultures are necessary to bring out peace, beauty, healing, wisdom and inspiration. Culture is the path of spirituality when it serves to elevate the mind into the light of the heart and from there into expansive awareness. Each culture has much to offer in this regard, especially when they are allowed to flourish with some spaciousness and protection around them. Naturally some joy in sharing and caring with and for others brings upon trust and union as we cannot live in isolation. Protecting ancient culture is a service to humanity as each generation contributes. May human culture be cherished like a flowering garden so that the goodness and the wisdom of our ancestors may not get lost during the dark ages of NWO – materialism, destruction, war and various other control issues. Sharing our love, goodness, and sweetness is indeed the garland of a precious humanity were all deserve to be cared and cherished. May also the northern cultures survive this time once more the exploitative changes which are happening with accelerated speed. May we share our hearts ever more as in our hearts lie the seeds of healing, culture, sharing and liberation.

Peace to the lovers of humanity – all alike. May our goodness prevail once more and make the best out of every destructive situation.

Only our goodwill and our good heart can safe humanity as we are racing with accelerated speed into another dimension.


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