Russians May be Better off Without the West – For NOW

Let them enjoy some of their own  dreams of an innocent culture unharmed and unpolluted by the corrupt pseudo-culture of hollywoodism. For many this is not multicultural enough – so be it. What means enough anyway? I am sure people love others who resonates with them because they are lovers of humanity and then we share freely our hearts and minds. Everything else seems like hogwash. Humanity loves when they find others to friendly to resonate with. It’s that simple. That happens when all basic needs are met and all danger of war and chaos is absent. Often, we shared such times of peace and prosperity with one another and the neighbors. Not all we shared as humans is placed under a dark star. Light also shines through our heart of awareness. If diverse people are good and treat others well the favor will be returned generally. Why would these people not resonate with some diverse person who too enjoys the romance of their ancient longing for long lasting  love. To continue to allow is the key – allow all people to be who they are and help so all can live at the place which they consider home. We do not need to accept a Western materialistic NWO-culture in exchange for a more sweet, deep  and humble spiritual culture in Nature.

The ancient so called Slavik culture did not call themselves originally that as the word slavs and slave is related the name came later into the picture; there must have been a better name once for them. These people, mostly women, often have been abducted and held as sex slaves by the emperors of the middle East. Slavs have similarities to other nordic tribes. Many still seem to love the out of style swastika. It’s all over their dress and tools. It’s the sign of solar victory, the victory of the saori-sun mandala of the heart place over the dark forces or lower propensities. These people understand the blessings and power of the swastika which is a symbol going back to a time which we know nothing about. The ancestors empower them through the swastika. I have not found out their real name from before they called themselves Slavs. It must have been a name which reflects honor and pride.

<p><a href=”″>The Ancient Slavic Culture</a> from <a href=”″>Shanti</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Through western flat multi-culturalism (which really is not the same as spiritual  UNIVERSALISM – or deepest understanding of spiritual love for all of humanity all alike) is too artificial to understand this kind of shared sweetness and beauty which these people share among each other and those who can open to them. Perhaps, this culture will die out as it seems too white (whatever that may mean – these people are created by the Supreme Being) for the Western progressive taste these days. For many people however, it is still sweet to feel their longing, their devotion for each other, nature and perhaps some are interested to get to know more about the beauty and the longing of these people. How they resonate with their land and nature at a place they call home, far away from foreign lands, such as the West. Everything must be allowed. May these people live a happy life, and may their dreams remain true to their own heart. May they be safe from  judgments  from the West, many of whom have problems with the way these people look, because somebody said they have a privilege. All beings have a privilege and are divine in nature and must be cherished and honored.

May people of this world enjoy the beauty of these people too and see the positive in them. They have done nothing to deserve extinction just because progressive media of the West wants that to happen. It’s incredible sad  because what do people in the West know about the sweetness of such gatherings and the goodness of their light heart? It can be like a meditation to be with one another. Why not wake up to the truth and see the light in all alike?


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