The Old Forgotten History of Atlantis – What was lost?

We know from Greek scholars who discussed with Egyptian priests about a place called Atlantis (there was also Lemuria and Gondwana Land). The results of what we know may be colored through the eyes of our limited time-line, and political correct preferences. To know what really happened is hard to know in any case, but all one needs is to not believe, question everything and discover and share what one finds, free of worked, and with a heart filled with curiosity. Not to believe can create an opening for so much more to discover. Allow all information to flow in through and let it go. Too much clutter can also disturb the present moment our place of connection with the Divine.

Atlantis, so it was said, had temples made out of pure gold. The climate was moderate and sweet fruit trees delivered food 3 times a year. Not much was necessary to survive then as the climate literally allowed food to fall into peoples mouth. There was an ever new ripening. The ground had a lot of gold dust. Gold particles are necessary for aging and trance minerals. It keeps the mind clear and te body healthy, so it was told. Atlantians were known all over the world and even in South America they have stories about Atlantis and their people. At the time they were already watching the stars. The nordic tribes and the Greeks are the ancestors of Atlantis, this was shared. They may have been the ancestors of the Russian Vedas, the Indian Vedas and lovers of inner golden Sunlight, cascading and cascading down their body like a healing golden river as part of their meditation. Light connected all beings – as in animism. All was life, remains life, and death was just another way of life to transform. The golden sun, the gold of the temples, the gold in their air, the rivers, the ground, the high vitally energizing air, and the abundance of food surely must have been helpful to live a long and abundant life. As always, not all was good, but humanity thrived for a while. Good people evolve when times are allowed to be good and spiritual expansion is a part of life. The thirst for limitlessness was possible always part and parcel of humanities longing to expand their mind and heart. We are beings which can learn how to bathe in infinity. Imagine, there was a time once, when people had all basic needs naturally fulfilled. It must have been amazing. Still nothing lasts and change is the only constant. But something in us keeps remembering with every generation new and we inspire one another to honor all life and be grateful for all what was and is naturally good. It is no wonder that people later spoke of the golden age.

Their national dress was perhaps a white gown, blue borders and golden belt. They must have looked shiny in such a healing environment, which of course, could not last forever. Today humanity struggles far more for survival than people perhaps long ago during the times of Atlantis. It’s said that the average life span was many hundred of years.

In the North of Germany an Island was to be destroyed after the war and it was the biggest destruction of any island ever but this destruction was brushed under the rug (many people actually lived there and found their premature demise). This island carried many secrets and the name of that Island is Helgoland (sounds like holy land actually and the meaning may be pointing just to that). People started to look under the island and found evidence for building structures. In the mud of the North-Sea of Europe much maybe buried and much may come up one day again. Why else would the Anglo Saxon want to destroy this very Island? What did they know? One day we will know more.

It is said that Atlantis was visited before and during their highlights by outer space people (the Gods) who “changed their DNA.” Today we do just that again, play with the DNA. Babylonian scripts revealed such ideas of changed DNA – if not misunderstood (?).

Perhaps this is one of the reason the  NWO-lers of this age, try to destroy more evidence as museums and old churches are the first to go when other countries become destroyed for freedom and democracy. Slaves are to be kept ignorant as their duty is to work and make riches for others and not ask questions. Humanity is supposed to be left with nothing but a blank slate so they can easily become enslaved as working ants, have consumer fun, don’t remember and question anything at all and best: die early. Our nature however wants to realize the Supreme. These slaves may die off early because there is no interest to cultivate the body into a vehicle which leads to spiritual liberation as there won’t be any guidance or decent teachings which gives humanity a more subtle direction – plus there is too much poison  everywhere and naturally people will suffer from depletion. The greatness of the history of humanities wise ancestors is supposed to not be looked at and not all of humanities leaders were killers and warlords.

Our bliss, however, is the number one connection to all there is and hence we know: creation, beings, humanity always has had highlights, always knew what bliss with the Supreme is. Their message of bliss to us from the sages of the past is perhaps the following: “go forward  children go forward, we are always with you as pure awareness – we are with the Supreme Being and hence always with you.” It is wise to honor the sages of the past as they are also a part of the Supreme Being just as we are.

The mystery of humanity however is known in our bliss (which links past, present and future) – the bliss of pure awareness is our true home. May humanity not be allowed in the coming chaos to forget their ancient past as much can be still learned from the wisdom of our ancestors, most of them always have been good people.

Ancient pagan Song from Prussia:

Moon has married Sun
In the very first Spring
Sun had gotten up early
Moon had separated
Moon had been walking around alone
He made love to the Morning Star
Thunder got greatly enraged
And cut him in half:
– Why have you separated from Sun?
Why have you made love to the Morning Star
And have been walking around all night alone?


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